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How to assign a retail sale to a receptionist login or salon.
How to assign a retail sale to a receptionist login or salon.

Receptionist with no column selling retail? Find out here how to add the retail sales to their name on the reports.

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If your receptionist sells retail but does not need an active column, please follow the steps here to find out how to assign retail to them.

Add the new column.

Firstly, if your receptionist or salon account has a login only under 'staff access and column setup' then go and delete this. Find out here how to delete a staff login/column.

You then need to set them up as a new user with a column. To do this, please go to menu - Staff and business settings - staff access.

Once you have clicked 'new staff member' you will be asked if you want them to have a column or not. Select 'yes, this user needs a column'.

Fill the details and select save changes to create this column. This will successfully create the new user!

Now, we need to make this column a waitlist so that it is not chargeable and will not affect your monthly bill. To do this, click on the column you just made and scroll down to 'Make this a waitlist' and tick the box as you see here. Save changes.

Now that we have the new column enabled as a waitlist, we need to make sure it is not bookable online. (If you have your online booking enabled on menu - online booking and payments. If you do not have online booking enabled, you can skip this step).

Block time off so the column is not bookable online.

Go to the calendar. Click 'week view' on the top left. Click the name of the column that you have just added from the drop down list.

Once we have this column opened up for the week we need to book 'time off'. To book time off, click any time slot for today and then click 'book time off'.

We need this to be repeating daily, forever, all day.

Good to go!

Now that our column is a waitlist (free) and has time blocked out to prevent it being bookable online. We can start putting retail sales through at check out for this person or for the salon.

This will ensure that the correct person can be assigned to sales and visible in the reports.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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