Deleting a stylist column is simple. First we recommend checking future dates to make sure you've transferred all of their appointments to another staff member. The quickest way to do this is by looking through their schedule using our week view

Don't worry though, if you miss some appointments, we don't delete them and we actually flag them to you (see below). Historic reports will still contain data on this staff member and client profiles will still show any appointments had with this stylist.

When you're ready to remove the staff member, go to Menu in the top left of your calendar:

Select "Settings" and then "Staff Profiles":

Then simply click the delete button next to name of the stylist you want to remove and press "Delete Stylist":

Once you confirm the deletion, they will be removed from your calendar.

What happens if the staff member removed still contained client appointments?

If the column you delete still has appointments in on some dates, you will see an extra column on the far right called "Deleted Stylists" so that we can show you these appointments. 

If you'd like to move the appointments into another column, just drag and drop them into another column and you'll see the "Deleted Stylists" column disappear as soon as it's empty 👍

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