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How to add packages and courses for your clients!
How to add packages and courses for your clients!

5 services for the price of 4 - find out here how to add these packages/concession/courses for your clients to bag a bargain.

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Packages are a great way to offer your clients a great deal on their favourite services.

If Mrs Jones loves coming in every week for a bouncy blow-dry, why not offer her a package deal to keep her coming back for more!


Add the category and services

Find out here how to add and track packages using Slick to keep on top of the cost and count of these multi-service packages.

Firstly, add a new category for your package, for example 'Packages'. You can do this by going to menu - staff & business settings - service prices and timings.
Find out here how to add new categories and services.

You then need to add two services for each package:

  • One service for the FULL COST of the package. Your clients can book the package online using this service if you make this service available for online booking.

  • The second service should be for the remainder of the services; as you see below 'sessions 2-6' and this should be with NO COST. This is for internal use only.

  • You can also add these subsequent services as 'Session 1', 'Session 2' etc to keep track of them on the client profile, under past bookings.

Find out here how to add services.

Track packages

You can track these bookings by numbering them 'session 1, 'session 2' etc at stated above.

Alternatively, when a client books the first service of their package and pays for the whole course, you will add the FIRST service to the calendar and process payment for ALL services as normal.

When clients book subsequent services for the course you can use the 'sessions 2-6' service.

To keep track of these packages, please use the client notes on the client profile. Find out here how to add notes to the client profile.

These notes will also display on the check out as you can see here.

🀩 PRO TIP - Why not use the handy client tags to ensure your staff will see the notes and make sure your staying on top of your packages!

See the tag next to Package Polly's name above?

This is set as a client tag so that it displays on the check out for staff to see! In training, make sure staff know this tag means the client needs to have their service added to the client notes!

Want to learn more about client tags? Do so here! πŸ’œ

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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