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Custom tags: a new way to personalise the client experience
Custom tags: a new way to personalise the client experience

A few handy uses for your custom tags from the Slick team

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Client tags can help you keep track of all clients with one glance!

Find out below how they work and how to set them up.


Custom tags allows you to flag key information about your clients to your staff, helps you in the day-to-day running of your business and provide a better service to your clients.

For information about how to set up custom tags look here

Custom tags is only available for accounts on Advanced, Supercharged or Annual plans. To upgrade your account, head to Menu, Settings, Account Billing

The team have been thinking and we would like to share with you our favourite idea for ways you can use custom tags to help your business

Client Preferences

  • Silent service - For some people, they'd rather avoid the chit chat, make sure you're aware so your clients can be as comfortable as possible

  • Wheelchair user- Make sure the team are prepared for any of your clients that may require special assistance on their arrival

  • Preferred pronouns- Help make the clients feel welcomed by displaying tags according to their pronouns or how they identify

  • Tea/Coffee - Make your in-salon experience on-point by keeping the team aware of everyones drink of choice for when they're welcomed in

Client Management

  • Keep track of your own clients - Tag clients with an emoji that represents you and "Helens client" so reception know not to move their appointments into someone else's column

  • Identify late customers - We all know some customer's cant keep track of time, be ready by tagging the late comers

  • Track who buys retail - Help reception identify good candidates for upselling, and also filter your client list by client tags to find those who like a bit of retail therapy and send them promotions!

  • Profession - Tag the teachers so you can get them in for last minute slots in the holidays (or a back to school blowdry).

  • Difficult clients - We all know the ones... tag them so you're prepared

  • No-show risks - Got those clients with a bad reputation for not turning up? Tag them to make sure you ask them for a deposit!

  • Big spenders - Tag your loyal/big spenders so your team know who to roll out the red carpet for

Information for staff

  • Long hair - Tag your clients with the troublesome mane's so you know to add a bit of extra time

  • Track discounts to make sure they are applied at checkout. Client tags can be seen at checkout so by tagging the client whoever checks them out will know to add the discount - NHS, OAP, Student...

  • Dog owner - Tag the dog owners so you can expect their furry friend to join them sometimes

Please note - If you are on the Essential package and would like to try out client tags then please contact Customer support who can set you up on a 30 day free trial of client tags!

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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