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What is SlickPay?

Heard of SlickPay, of course! Sure what it is, not exactly! Read more here about SlickPay and where it sits in your salon.

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Slickpay is the term used for all payments taken through Slick.

These payments go into your Stripe account and are paid directly to you. But, where can you take these payments and how can you set them up?

1 - SlickPay in store payments through your card reader.

Have you bagged yourself a gorgeous SlickPay in store card terminal? Pre-loaded with YOUR logo to take SlickPay payments in salon.

Not yet? Find out how to place your order for an in-store terminal here. Save yourself TIME with up to 7 hours less admin work as the SlickPay reader is fully integrated with your Slick system. Save yourself MONEY with competitive fees for your payment processing.

Got questions? Check out the SlickPay card reader FAQ's here.

2 - SlickPay deposits through your online booking.

Clients book online using your online booking flow and they pay a deposit to confirm and secure their appointment. SlickPay!

Find out how to set up SlickPay Online booking deposits here.

3 - SlickPay check out to charge a client card on file.

If your client has paid a deposit online through SlickPay, they will have a card on file. Use the handy SlickPay check out to charge the client's card remotely for their appointment.

If the client has a card on file you will see the 'Charge card via SlickPay' option when you go the check out. Save time and make checking out client's a breeze with this option!

If you have further questions regarding the transfer of information, please reach out to us via Live Chat.

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