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How to remove an appointment from a deleted stylist's column.
How to remove an appointment from a deleted stylist's column.

Find out here how to remove an appointment from a deleted column.

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Deleted a column for a stylist that has left? Got an appointment left in their column that you need to remove?

Find out how to handle this here!

Firstly, you need to make the deleted column visible. You can make this visible by clicking on 'Staff View' on the top of the calendar page.

Then UNTICK 'Hide deleted staff'.

Pressing this will make the "deleted stylists" column visible on the calendar on the day that the appointment was booked for. If you cannot see it on the calendar now, then move to the day of the booking and then scroll across as it will be visible on the right hand end!

Doing this will allow any appointments in your deleted stylists' column to be visible on the calendar.

From here, you need to drag the appointment from a deleted column to an active column. Once the appointment is in an active column you can edit or delete as needed!

If you don't need to see the deleted column any longer, simply click 'Staff view' and TICK the 'Hide deleted staff' button.

  • If you would like to add or edit another column, you can find out how to do that here.

  • If you have deleted a column by accident, you can contact Customer Support on the Live Chat bubble on the right hand bottom corner and the will reinstate the column for you.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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