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Daily cash up per staff member & employment type.
Daily cash up per staff member & employment type.

How to separate end of day takings to show takings for employed staff and takings for self-employed staff.

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Many businesses have a mixture of employed and self employed staff.

Slick's cash up function allows you to share a calendar yet keep your daily takings separate for cash management and reports.

To use this feature, you will first need to set 'employment types' per staff member in Staff & Column management. This article explains how.

When you go to Menu > Cash Up you will see a 'Staff drop' down. When 'All Staff' are selected this shows total takings for the day for everyone.

It looks like this! โ†“

If you wish to see takings for Employed staff or just Self-Employed staff or even if one member of the team wants to work out what they took and take the cash from the till then click the drop down.

You can now select the employment group or staff member you want to see.

This will show the following info:

  • Breakdown of their Takings by type (Cash / SlickPay / Card in-store / Other)

  • It will show any clients that staff member has seen and their bill or portion of the bill if split with another staff member.

Daily cash up when filtered by staff member will NOT show the following information

  • Deposits taken: deposits are taken by the business entity and are not recorded against a staff member.

  • Vouchers sold: If vouchers are sold using Slick's voucher feature then these are recorded as being sold by the business and not recorded against a staff member

  • Petty cash: Petty cash is a business expense and its not currently recorded by staff member

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