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Tracking Your Vouchers

Find out how to track sold vouchers on Slick!

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Find out how to track sold vouchers on Slick!


Please note, vouchers will only show in this list if they have been sold via the 'Sell Voucher' button.

You can tell a voucher has been used from menu - gift voucher tracking.

It will show this symbol under status.

You can see the 'vouchers redeemed' on the Payments report if you want to view a single day or the vouchers redeemed over a time period.

To access this report just go to Menu > Reports and Payments.

Voucher sales and redeemed can also be reviewed from the cash up.

To see Vouchers sold scroll down to the table 'vouchers sold' at the bottom.

When a voucher is sold, it will also show on the voucher section on the left side of the cash up.

When redeemed, a voucher becomes revenue in the 'total taking' section of how it was sold. For example, a £100 voucher is paid in cash. When used, this voucher shows on total takings as £100 in the cash section.

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