Reporting Hub Housekeeping

  1. How can I access my reports?

  2. Do the reports include VAT?

  3. How will I know which report I need?

  4. How do I download my reports?

  5. Checking Deleted Bookings

1. To access the Reporting Hub, head to Menu - Reports:

2. Do the reports include VAT?

You can change your report totals to reflect your VAT/Deductible tax rate by entering this amount in the box shown below:

3. What does each report show?

If you are unsure which report you need, simple hover over or click on the information icon by each reporting bucket. If you're still unsure, please contact us on Live Chat.

4. How can I download my reports?

You can download an Excel spreadsheet of each section of your reports by clicking the 'Download' button.

5. Checking Deleted Bookings

If you want to check to see if a clients booking has been deleted or not, you can do this by accessing the 'Deleted bookings'

In order to do this, click on menu and go to 'Reports'

Top right of the screen is ''Downloadable", click on this.

Next select the dates you want via the date selector. Select first the start date and then the end date

Then click the 'Download' button for the Deleted booking log

This will be downloaded into your 'downloads' file on your computer and will show which clients appointments have been deleted.

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