You can take a deposit in-store in two ways:

  1. Via the client's profile

  2. Via the client's booking

Client's Profile

Adding credit to a client's profile allows you to take a pre-payment without the client needing a current/future booking

Search for the client whose profile you would like to add a deposit to then open their profile.

At the top of the profile, click on 'Add credit on account':

Enter the amount the client is paying and confirm the payment method before clicking 'Add credit':

This credit amount will now be available for the client to use at checkout.

Client's Booking

You can add a deposit to a client's booking by clicking 'Take Deposit' once you have selected the client's services:

Confirm the deposit amount (£ or %) and confirm the payment method before clicking 'save deposit':

Cancelled Bookings & No-Shows


If your client doesn't turn up for their booking, click on their booking then 'No Show':

You can then choose to 'Keep the deposit as a no-show fee':

Booking cancellation

If your client tells you they are unable to make their booking, you can choose what you do with their deposit:

  1. If the client has not given enough notice, you can 'Keep the deposit'

  2. You can 'Hold the deposit' for the client to use at a future date

  3. Or you can 'Refund the deposit'

To do this, click on the client's booking then 'Delete' then 'Yes:

You can then choose what you want to do with the deposit:

You can also refund a deposit by going to Menu- Client Deposits - View Details:

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