How much does it cost?

Slick SMS messages are 6p + VAT per message sent which is the most affordable pay as you go rate on the market.

But I get free messages with my phone contract....!

Technically they aren't free as the cost of the SMS messages is build into your line rental and handset. SMS messages cost money to send.

In that case I'll just text from my phone as it's cheaper

Maybe. Maybe not. It won't cost anything to send the texts from your phone but think about this:

  1. Under GDPR you need permission from clients to send marketing messages, are all your phone contacts opted in? Slick allows you to stay GDPR compliant

  2. How do you ensure you don't send an offer to a client booked in next week. Which means you might offer £20 off a service you don't need to! Slick allows you to only send messages to certain clients thus ensuring promotions only go to clients that you want them to

How does Slick handle GDPR?

The first time you send a marketing message, Slick will automatically send an opt-out message to the client. This opt out is compulsory to ensure you comply with GDPR and is charged at the standard SMS rate.

For more information, please see our GDPR article

I have duplicate clients, will it send 2 messages to each client?

No. Slick is clever! If client Rob with phone number 0770915XXXX is listed twice in your client list then he will only get 1 message.

However, if Rob has 2 profiles with 2 different mobile numbers (personal and work) then he will receive 2 messages as we don't know he is the same person. Delete one profile and leave the main profile to clean up your database

If clients reply, can I see the replies?

Yes. Slick's 2-way messages allow you to see their reply in the activity feed.

I want to check which clients got a message

Easy. Check out our 'Sent Messages' tab and you can see who got a message, how many bookings made and how much money it's making you!

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