Noticed that you have 2 client profiles for the same client?

Slick can clean up your client list in 1 simple step.

Step 1

Click on 'Clients'

Step 2

Then click on 'Find & Merge Duplicates':

Step 3

To check a profile and ensure the details are correct, click 'View':

Step 4

To merge a profile, click 'Merge'

That's it! You're done!


Q: Will notes be merged?
A: Yes. Slick will automatically merge any notes from any of the profiles back to the master profile

Q: There are 2 clients the same but they are not listed here, why?
A: Unless they share the exact mobile number then we will not merge them.

For instance:
Emma - 077091234568 and Emma J- 077091234568  = EXACT
Emma - 077091234567 and Emma J- 077091234568  = NOT EXACT

Q: Can i un-merge profiles?
A: Yes. Please contact Slick if you wish to un-merge a profile.

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