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Loyalty Schemes.

How to do loyalty schemes for Clients.

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Loyalty schemes are great for giving your regular clients that all important VIP treatment!

Here's how to keep track of loyalty points!

  • When creating a booking, scroll down in the booking window to 'Booking Note' and type in number of points and/or percentage discount for that booking.

  • This will then appear on the booking card itself so you know what discounts to give at checkout. 

  • You can also view these notes on the Check out page!

  • If a booking has already been created, just click on the booking itself, hit 'Edit' and follow the steps above.

  • Then click 'SAVE BOOKING.' 

When rebooking after checkout or creating the clients next booking, simply follow the same steps as above and write in e.g. 7 loyalty points = 30% off. This will allow you to keep track of the number of points they are on for each booking. 

Here is what it looks like on the calendar!

  • You can also see booking notes for future appointments in the client profile by scrolling down to that booking. 

  • To see booking notes from past bookings, just click 'View Details' on the relevant booking in the client profile and scroll down.

You can also keep track of loyalty schemes by using Client Notes in the Client Profile. 

Use client tags to reward loyal clients

Use custom tags to create a bespoke offer just for your most loyal clients to ensure that they feel special! Find out more about custom tags here. 💜

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