Like many salons you will probably have used a wait list to fit clients in for maximum efficiency. Coming out of lockdown this is a great way to let clients register their ideal slot and then you can confirm their appointment later.

It's also a great way to fill last minute slots. If a client is flexible, let them register on the wait list and if a slot becomes available you can confirm their appointment last minute!

Why and When should I have a waitlist?

How does it work?

You will need to add a new column, for each waitlist required, to your calendar which has a special purple header to make it stand out.

You can then hold client bookings here and then move them to the relevant stylist / time slot when you want! Simples!

The details!

✅ Bookings in the waitlist columns will not receive SMS reminders

✅ Clients will not be asked for deposit payments if booked online

✅ Your waitlist will automatically show online but WILL NOT show as a column in 'Online Bookings & Payments'

✅ Waitlist columns do not count towards your core subscription column count

How to set up

To create a waitlist, head to Menu - Settings - Staff Profiles:

Click 'Add Another Column':

Then give your waitlist a name, identify it as a waitlist and assign it prices and timings via the 'Job Title' drop down box:

Please note that you can create several waitlist columns for different staff members.

If you want 1 waitlist column for ALL STAFF, you will need to create a job role called 'All Staff' and will need to assign prices and timings in Menu - Settings - Service Prices & Timings

Click 'Add' to create your new waitlist:

PLEASE NOTE: You need to create a new column for the waitlist, not select 'Make a waitlist' on an existing column

Your new waitlist column has now been created!

You can now book your clients into this waitlist column to hold them until a suitable slot opens up.

Your client can now book onto your waitlist if there are no available slots at a time that suits them. If you have online deposits switched on, they will not be required to pay one.

Their booking will then appear in your waitlist. 🥳

Clients can specify in the 'bookings notes' section which stylist and/or time slot they would prefer so keep an eye out for this information on their booking! You will see the following notes icon on their booking if they have left you a note:

Click here to see how your clients can get booked in online

What to do when a slot becomes available?

To get your client booked in, simply drag the booking from the waitlist to the available slot.

From here you can 'Notify' your client to let them know they have been booked in:

And request a deposit straight from their booking with the 'Request Deposit' button. Your client will be sent a payment link directly to their phone which will allow them to pay via Credit/Debit card and Google Pay/Apple Pay:

Click here to find out more about in-store & online deposits

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