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Make, Move and Edit a booking in your Slick Calendar

Create bookings in just a few clicks!

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Make a booking

  • To make a booking, you can either click in the staff member's column or click 'Add Booking':

  • Find or add the client you are making a booking for, and then select which services the client requires.

  • To add more than one service, click 'Add Service':

  • Once you have selected the bookings, you can change the staff member by clicking 'Edit' then selecting the the correct staff member:

  • Click on "save booking" to book the appointment.

Edit/Move a booking

To move a booking, you can either drag and drop each service to another staff member (in day view) or a different day of the week (Staff View).

Alternatively, you can click on the booking modal and click 'Edit Booking':

Here, you can change the following:

  • Date

  • Staff Member

  • Start Time

  • Price

  • Application Time

  • Processing Time

  • Remove Service

  • Add Service

  • Add Booking Notes

Booking History/Future Bookings

To see past/future bookings, search for your client and click on their name to go into their profile.

Here you can find Scheduled/Future bookings and Booking History/Past bookings:

You can jump to any of these bookings by clicking on the booking date.

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