Make a booking in just a few clicks.

First, click or tap on the date at the top of the calendar to open the date picker:

Select the date you would like to make a booking:

Then simply click or tap once at the time you would like the appointment to start in the column of the stylist the client wants to see:

For an existing client, simply start typing their name into the search bar. Or select "Add New Client" or "Walk-in":

Search for your client using their name or phone number and select the client you want:

Your client's mini profile will load at the top and you can always view their whole profile by selecting "View Profile". 

Now it's time to start adding services! You can do this by either clicking/tapping once on a category to reveal services in that category and then simply click on the service you want:

Or, you can use our quick search bar to type in the name of the service you want:

Simply repeat the process to add as many services as you like to the booking:

For colour appointments, Slick will automatically leave a gap for processing time if you've added it in your Settings:

If you're done, simply hit "Save Booking" in the bottom right of the window, or see below for more options:

Moving a service to a different staff member

You can do this while you are creating the booking, or afterwards. Just click or tap on the service you want to move, hold, and drag it to the column of the staff member you want:

Changing the duration of a service

You can either click and hold on the bottom of a calendar card, dragging it down to where you want it:

Or, for touch devices, you can tap on the service in the booking window and use the + / - buttons to increase or decrease service duration. This is also how you edit the price of a service. Remember to hit "Save changes".

Adding a booking note:

Enter booking notes in the box at the bottom of the booking window

Click in the box to enter notes as normal and then just click or tap anywhere outside of the box and these will save automatically so you can carry on with your booking:

Booking notes will still be visible on the appointment card in the calendar:

Viewing client details & adding notes

To see your client's full profile, simply click "View profile"

This will reveal their full profile:

All previous client notes / colour notes will appear at the top of the profile like below: 

To add or edit client notes, click "Edit Client Details" and scroll down to the bottom to edit notes as you normally would in the client profile, at the :

Hit Save Changes and then tap the back button in the top left corner to return to your booking:

Once your'e done, simply hit "Save Booking" in the bottom right of the window to return to your calendar:

Moving a service using drag and drop

To move a service just click/tap on it, hold, and drag it up/down or left/right to where you want it:

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