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Can my clients cancel online?

Clients can now logon to their account to cancel or rebook their appointment

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If your clients wish to cancel or reschedule their bookings, they can now do this via the client's booking portal:

Clients can access their bookings via your usual online booking link:

1. Clients will need to click on 'My Bookings'

2. They will need to login using their previously created credentials:

3. In the 'My Bookings' tab, they will need to click on your salon to see a list of their current bookings:

4. To cancel their booking, they will need to click 'Cancel':

5. A pop up will then confirm if their cancellation is possible (if with your cancellation notice period) and that their online deposit will be refunded to them:

6. Once cancelled, the client will then be able to get booked back in:

7. If they wish to rebook a previous service, they can do so directly from their 'booking history':

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