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Refunding Deposits

How to Refund Deposits from Appointments or from Client Deposits

Written by Chiara Conze
Updated over a week ago

You can now refund outstanding client deposit balances 🤩 Visit method 2️⃣ of how to refund deposits to find out how!

How to Refund Deposits

There are 2 main ways to refund deposits:

1️⃣ For clients who have an appointment in the diary, with a deposit attached:

  • Delete the booking, cancel the booking or mark the booking as a no-show and select 'Refund Deposit'.

  • You can do this by choosing either of these 3 options in the booking modal (Delete, Cancel or No-Show), and when you see the below screen choosing the option 'Refund the deposit'. Hit confirm and the deposit will be returned to your client's account!

2️⃣ For clients with an outstanding deposit balance on their profile which is no longer attached to an appointment:

1. Scroll down your menu and find 'Client Deposits'

2. Find client whose deposit you want to refund

From your list of deposits, find the Client's name whose deposit you'd like to refund by using the search bar or scrolling.

Then click on 'View details' in the right corner of their row.

3. Type in the amount and press refund

What you see in the purple row is the client's total deposit balance. What you see in the white row is what is 'Available to use/refund'.

If there is available balance to refund, the Refund button will be purple. You can then enter the amount that you'd like to refund the client for and hit refund.

💡Top Tip💡

If the deposit/deposit amount you want to refund for is not 'Available to use/refund' but is in the client's total deposit balance, it means one or more deposits that client are attached to past/future appointments. Please see Step 5 for further instructions on what to do in this case.

4. Refund and Confirm !

Once you've hit refund, if the deposit you're refunding was paid online or via SlickPay in store, you will see this screen:

To refund the full value you selected, press refund on all the deposits.

Make sure all the deposits in your list are marked as 'Refunded' before closing. Once you've pressed all the buttons you can hit 'Close' and the client will have been refunded their deposit(s)!

If the deposit you're refunding was paid via cash, other or card deposits (not via SlickPay), you'll see this screen:

Hit confirm and your client’s deposit balance will be reduced by the amount of the refund!

5. What do I do if the deposit is not available to refund?

If the values in the purple row differ from the value of deposits that are 'Available to use/refund', that is because one or more deposits for that client are attached to past or future appointments which haven’t been checked out, deleted or marked as cancelled/no-show. If this is the case for you, your client's deposit record will look something like this:

If you would like to refund a deposit that is not available, you can do this via the following steps:

  1. View their deposit log to find the record of the deposit you want to refund.

Then find the date of the appointment the deposit is attached to (seen in the 'Relates to' column)

2. Go to that date in your Calendar and find the appointment.

Then follow the same steps from method 1️⃣ (you can click on the Heading For clients who have an appointment in the diary, with a deposit attached in the sidebar of this article for quick viewing) to refund the deposit from the appointment!

Please note that only the account owner or someone with manager access can process the refund.

Refunds for SlickPay payments - what about the fees?

On the date of the refund, your Stripe account will always be debited the full amount of the client’s refund, ie if client is refunded £10, you will have Total Stripe Payout of £10, and this will appear as 2 transactions:

i) reversal of the original money we sent to them, eg -£9.50,
ii) refund fee equating to the original fee charged. If the client paid £10 and we sent the salon £9.50 then the original fee was £0.50, so when it’s refunded, we will charge a refund fee of -£0.50.

Therefore, £9.50 + £0.50 = £10 that we need to give back to the client.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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