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How to request a deposit from a client
How to request a deposit from a client

Word by word script for your staff on how to politely request a deposit from a client

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Deposit script

‘Mrs Smith, I am required to take a deposit from you to confirm your booking. This is not a reflection on your loyalty, it is simply a new salon policy that we have had to implement due to the rise in cancellations.

You are not paying anything extra, you are simply paying for a small portion of your service now which means you get to split your bill and you’ll pay the remainder in salon on the day of your appointment.’

Deposit SMS text template for future appointments

‘Dear Mrs Smith, ahead of your appointment on XXXX, we are now required to take a deposit to secure your booking.

This is salon policy to protect against cancellations. If we don't receive your deposit 48 hours prior to your booking, we may be required to cancel your booking in order to refill the slot.

I will shortly be sending you a secure link to make the payment and will pay the remainder in salon. Thank you for your understanding’

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