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How to buy credit as a gift over the phone

Client A wants to buy client B a voucher or add credit to their account for an upcoming event or birthday.

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Client A wants to buy client B a voucher or add credit to their account for an upcoming event or birthday.

Find out below how to add credit that client B can use at check out!


To take the payment, we need to send a deposit request. To do this, you need to add an appointment for any service or time into the calendar for client A.

πŸ“ Please note - The service cost must be the amount you would like to send the payment request for.

Use the 'request deposit' button on the booking to send a secure payment link to client A so that you can take the payment.

Use 'Request custom deposit' and you can charge them anything UP TO the 'Total booking price'.

Once the client has followed the payment link from the sms that was sent to them, the funds will be added to the appointment in the calendar as any deposit would.

Cancel this appointment and 'keep' the deposit on client A's profile.

Open the client profile of client B (the recipient) and click on 'Edit record card'. In the section 'Client notes/colour records' add a note to say "GIFT - use deposit of Β£X from client A at check out" and save changes.

You can also add a note into the profile of client A to state 'GIFT - deposit added is to be used for client B'.

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Top tip - You can also add tags to alert to staff that an amount has been gifted to this client. Learn more about client tags and all the amazing things you can do with them here.

This makes it super clear for all of the team to see that this client has a gift amount!

When you next go to check out client B, you will see this note AND the tag on the check out. You can then use the section 'Search client deposits to add' to search for and add the amount from client A! Check out as normal using their deposit.

Just make sure to remove the notes on these client profiles after the recipient has had their gift service!

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