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What are the benefits of Pin codes and how will they look in the future?
What are the benefits of Pin codes and how will they look in the future?

Want to know how pin codes can help now and in future in your salon? Check out the below!

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Pin codes are helping salons across the country be more secure - with an added level of security at the login page or when navigating on Slick, your staff can only ever access what you choose they can access!

What is Pincode Access and why is it useful?

With pincodes, each staff member has their own 4 digit code to access Slick. The staff member's permission level is also linked to their pincode, giving you greater control of your business.

  • Pincodes improves switching between permission levels in salon, rather than having to log in and out via email and password, simply enter your 4 digit pincode at the lock screen.

  • Greater in-salon privacy, with the screen locking automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

  • Keep track of who made which booking, with the name of the pincode user being displayed on the appointment.

How will Pincodes be changing in the future and what can we look forward to? πŸ‘€

Pincodes also allows the system to know who is using it, paving the way for some exciting stuff. Here is what we have in mind for the future:

  • Stylist view of reports - Give your stylists a focussed view of just their numbers, without the distraction of salon totals or other stylists figures. Allow them to see their progress to targets, commission earnings, and takings in one place while leaving the salon totals for the managers to worry about.

  • Custom permissions - Set access levels on an individual basis. Don't want staff having access to marketing but need one person to be able to do cash up at the end of the day? Perfect. Turn on Cashup access for that one person.

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