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Scheduling Social Media Posts
Scheduling Social Media Posts

Facebook Marketing

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The easiest way to be consistent with your social media marketing is to schedule your posts ahead of time to go out daily, preferably around 7-8pm. Here's how...

Step 1:

Head to the 'posts' section of your business Facebook page and click on 'Create Post' in the top right-hand corner

Step 2:

Choose which platform you want to post to by ticking/unticking the Facebook/Instagram boxes (you can post to both simultaneously or one only)

Step 3:

Customise the text for the post and upload your desired media. You can add multiple pictures to your post or upload a video (one only). If you'd like to post a reel, it has to be done directly via Instagram.

Step 4:

Hit 'Publish' if you'd like to publish it there and then or click the drop down list next to 'Publish' and click 'Schedule Post' if you'd like to schedule it for a later date/time.

Step 5:

You can select the exact date and time you want to schedule your post. You can either schedule your post to go out on Facebook & Instagram at the same time or different times. Recommended times to post on each platform are given. This information is based on when your audience is most active and is a guide for the best time to post if you want maximum engagement.

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