Head to Menu - Online Bookings & Payments and select 'Slick Online Deposits'. First you will need to setup a Stripe account if you haven't already.

You can now choose your online deposit amount, whether that be a % of the client's booking total or a set amount (eg £20).

Once a client has booked themselves in, you will see on their booking that they have paid a deposit:

This deposit will now be available at the client's checkout.

Cancelled Bookings & No-Shows

If your client cancels their bookings or doesn't turn up, you can choose what you do with their deposit


If your client doesn't turn up for their booking, click on their booking then 'No Show':

You can then choose to 'Keep the deposit as a no-show fee':

Booking cancellation

Clients can cancel their bookings online and will automatically receive a refund if they have cancelled within your cancellation notice period. For example, if you have set your cancellation period as 36 hours and they cancel 40 hours before their booking, they will receive a refund. However, if they book at 24 hours, they will be asked to contact you directly to cancel.

To submit your cancellation notice information, please complete this form.

If your client tells you they are unable to make their booking, you can choose what you do with their deposit:

  1. If the client has not given enough notice, you can 'Keep the deposit'

  2. You can 'Hold the deposit' for the client to use at a future date

  3. Or you can 'Refund the deposit'

To do this, click on the client's booking then 'Delete' then 'Yes:

You can then choose what you want to do with the deposit:

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