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Reconcile your pay outs from Stripe.
Reconcile your pay outs from Stripe.

Bank holidays, Next day pay outs, weekly pay outs and refunds explained.

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Please find some detailed information below to help you when reconciling payments from Stripe to your bank account.


Looking for what to send to your accountant? Read the article here.

Bank holiday explanation.

Please find some detailed information regarding the grouping of payments due to bank holidays.

πŸ“… CALENDAR regarding May bank holiday πŸ“…

Payout expected on 29/05/23 will be on 30/05/23
Payout expected on 30/05/23 will be on 31/05/23
Payout expected on 31/05/23 will be on 01/06/23
Payout expected on 01/06/23 stays on 01/06/23
Payout expected on 02/06/23 stays on 02/06/23

*Please note payments from May 31st and June 1st will be combined into one payment that is made on June 1st.*

Refund explanation.

If a refund is processed to a client, this will be taken by Stripe from your NEXT DAY payout.

For example, a client paid a deposit on Monday. As per the Next day schedule, this would arrive in your bank minus fees on Tuesday.

If the client requests a refund on Thursday, this will be taken from your scheduled payment on Friday.

If you do not have a scheduled pay out OR if your pay out is less than the amount needed to refund the client, then your account will be debited directly by Stripe.

Don't want your bank debited directly by Stripe?

If you do not wish for the funds for refunds to be withdrawn from your account then please notify the Customer support team and a member of the team can switch you back to weekly pay outs. With weekly pay outs, your payments from Friday to the following Thursday will be stored up in your 'Stripe holding account'.

In the event of a refund, the client will be reimbursed from this account, as opposed to potentially withdrawing this from your bank account.

Please note - We cannot guarantee that this will avoid funds being taken from your bank directly as this is controlled by Stripe. Stripe will debit these funds if they are not available in your Stripe 'holding account' at the time needed to ensure cash flow to the client.

1 day pay out schedule.

The 1 day payout schedule works as you see below 😊

Weekly pay out schedule.

Tuesday Payout:

The payout on Tuesday will cover from the previous Tuesday up to the current week's Monday. So, it includes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as well as Sunday and Monday of the current week.

Wednesday Payout:

The Wednesday payout covers the week from the previous Wednesday to the current Tuesday. So, it includes Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as Monday and Tuesday of the current week.

If you have queries you would like to make directly to Stripe in relation to their selected pay out schedules, dates or to track specific payments please find a link to their direct help centre below.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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