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How to create and sell Prize Competition tickets through Slick
How to create and sell Prize Competition tickets through Slick

Sell prize competition tickets through Slick

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A great way to engage customers, increase loyalty and make a bit of extra money is to run some prize competitions. This is also a great way to bring in some extra cash during lockdown.

'We ran a compeition for our clients to win an Elemis Beauty Spa Hamper, we made over £500 in a week!'

Kelly Dickson, Duo Hair

You will need to setup online booking and a Stripe account for this to work.

Step 1:

Think of a question you can ask your clients which will require their skill, knowledge or judgement

For example: 'What is our assistant stylists name?' or 'What products do we use in the salon?' or 'What is our most popular treatment?'

Then think of 3x answers: 2 fake, 1 real

Step 2:

Click on 'Menu,' 'Settings' and then 'Service Prices and Timings.'

Create a new category called 'Prize Competition Tickets' and add a service for each answer to your question called e.g. 'Prize Competition Entry - Answer: Emily' with a £2 price (if that's the price of your ticket) and a 15 min slot.

Step 3:

Go to your 'Online Bookings & Payments' section by clicking on your 'Menu.'

Tick 'ON' the Prize Competition Entry services. You may want to untick all other services if you are doing this during lockdown

It's also worth adding in a description for this service e.g. 'Choose your answer, pick any date/time and pay for your entry ticket to win our luxury Elemis Spa Hamper.'

Step 4:

Change your deposit amount to 100% by click 'Edit.' This will allow your clients to pay for their Prize Competition ticket upfront.

Step 5:

Let your clients know! Send out a message to All Clients via SMS Marketing e.g.

'The Hair Shed are holding a prize competition to win a FREE Elemis Beauty Spa Hamper delivered to your door. All you need to do is guess what our assistant stylists name is! Enter and purchase your ticket here Good luck and we will announce the lucky winner next week!'

Also post the booking link on your social media pages.

Step 6:

The prize competition ticket entry will appear as a 15 min booking in your calendar. Click on your 'Menu,' 'Reports' and 'Downloadable.

Select the date range from when you opened up your Competition to the date it closed and download your 'Booking Log.' You will then be able to see which clients selected the correct answer and select your winner!

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