To set up online booking to allow your customers to book directly into your salon, click on 'Menu' in the top, left-hand corner of your calendar. 

Then click 'Settings.'

Select 'Online Booking Settings' 

Then click 'Lets go!'

Select each stylist you wish to be bookable online by clicking the arrow next to their name. 

Then toggle on each of the categories you wish each stylist to be bookable for. This will automatically select each service in this category. You can then untick per service as required. 

Then select 'Business Hours' by clicking on the arrow

Make sure your business hours are correct for online booking. If not, just get in touch with us via Intercom and we can sort that out for you. Untick any of the days you do not wish to be bookable online. 

Then click on the arrow next to 'Patch Test' and tick all services that require a patch test.

Then click save changes

To add the link to your online booking onto your website and social media pages, simply click 'Copy URL' and paste it onto the relevant site. Get in touch with us if you need help, we're always here! 

Slick automatically ensures that any clients booking a service with development time have to choose a finishing service e.g Cut or Blow Dry.

If you would like to offer a zero-charge option then it is worth creating a new service called Rough Dry (free) and set pricing at £0.

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