In your Slick Account

1. Head to Menu - Settings - Sync calendar to iPhone:

2. Enter your google email address in your column and press 'Send Email':

On your desktop computer

1. You have now been sent an email. Open this email on your desktop computer and copy the link at the bottom:

2. Open your Google Calendar in the browser and click on the '+' next to 'Other Calendars' on the left hand side:

3. Click 'From URL':

4. Paste your Slick calendar link in the box provided and click 'Add Calendar':

On your Android Phone

1. Open your Google Calendar and go to settings:

2. Find your gmail calendar information and click on your new Slick calendar (or 'Show More' if you can't see it):

3. Make sure your calendar sync is toggled on

Your slick bookings will now appear in your calendar as 'read-only' events that are available offline (you will be able to see the name of the client and their notes)

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