You can create a free Jotform account to send up to 5 different forms to your clients!

Please note, if you need to send more than 100 forms a month, or need to create more than 5 different forms, you may need to sign up to a monthly Jotform subscription. You can review their pricing here.

  1. To create a consultation form, please head to Jotform.

  2. Sign up to a free account using your email address:

3. Head to your email inbox and click on the link to verify your account. You will then be able to start building your first form:

4. You can either create a form from scratch, use one of our templates or import a form provided by Slick (contact us for this).

For ideas and examples of questions to ask on your form, click here to view our help guide!

5. Choose whether to have all questions showing on one page or a separate page per question (card form):

6. Choose your form fields from the left hand side by dragging them onto your form template. This can include everything from the client's name to multiple choice questions:

You can change the form colours, layout and themes by clicking on the blue paint roller icon in the top right hand corner.

7. Click 'Preview Form' in the top right hand corner at any time to see what your form will look like on a phone, tablet or desktop:

8. When you have built your form, head to 'Settings' and 'Conditions'. Here you can change what your client sees depending on their answer. For example, if they choose 'Yes' to confirm they have had a patch test, you may make the 'date of patch test' answer a 'required' answer.

9. To make sure a link is submitted with each completed form head to 'Emails'. Then click the edit button next to your email address:

10. Within 'Email Content', Go to 'Form Fields' and select 'PDF link':

11. When you have completed all of these steps, go to 'Publish' and copy your form link:

12. Send a message to Slick's customer support via live chat with your form link so we can attach this to your account

13. Now you are ready to send your consultation form out to your clients 🥳

14. You can send this out to clients in bulk (eg, all of your beauty clients) via 'Clients & Marketing' or to individual clients via their bookings. Click on the SMS icon in the booking modal:

15. Write your personal message to your client then click on the 'Add Consultation Link' button:

15. When your client has completed their form, this will be sent directly to your email inbox. Right click on the 'Download Submission PDF' and copy the link:

16. Paste this link into your client's profile:

IMPORTANT: To ensure you can click on this link on any device, Jotform recommends amending your privacy settings within your Jotform account:
Go to your Jotform Account Settings and ensure the following section doesn't have anything checked:

Your client's form is now safely stored within their profile for easy access. You can login to Jotform at any time to change your settings/questions and to create new forms as and when your business grows 😊

PLEASE NOTE: to ensure full GPDR compliance, please read Jotform's GDPR compliance rules. To complete a Jotform Data Processing Addendum, please click here

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