Colour is your most profitable service. Yet 1 in 3 women in the Uk don't get their hair coloured professionally! How many clients do you have that come for a blow-dry but not a colour. Are they getting their colour done elsewhere or at home?

In Slick you can identify which clients visit you for other services but don't have a colour!

Step 1

  • In the menu, select Marketing

Step 2

  • In Marketing, select all clients bucket

Step 3

  • Using the 'Services' filter, un-select the 'Colour' category. This will remove all clients that currently DO visit for a colour.

  • Men and Children don't tend to have a colour so un-select any 'Mens" or 'Kids' Categories you have.

  • This should then give you a list of all women who visit for cutting, styling or beauty but DON'T get a colour done with you.

Step 4

  • Hit 'Create SMS' and you can write your custom message with an offer or promotion to tempt those clients in & book a colour with you

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