How to set up automated Marketing?

To set up your automated messages, please head to Marketing and then 'Automated'

From here, please select 'Click here'

This will launch a form for you to fill in the text you want to send your clients.

Once received, Slick Customer Support will verify your message and confirm the cost per client before uploading this into the system.

Can i see how many i have sent?

Yes. On the Automated page, you can keep track of when the message was sent and to how many people

How do i amend or stop the messages?

In V1 all edits and amends, will be handled by Slick Customer Support

If you would like to pause the messages, please let us know via Live Chat

How do i know how much i will be charged?

Slick Customer Support will contact you to inform you of the cost per message before the campaign goes live.

By submitting your text, you agree for the cost of automated messages to be added to your monthly bill.

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