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Select clients for your campaign

Learn how to tailor a campaign that suits your aim and budget

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Once you've chosen what you want to achieve with your next campaign,  you can choose your clients

The top bar shows the number of clients in the bucket and how many are selected to text as well as the cost of this and the potential revenue you could generate from the campaign based on average bill value.

Ok but i only want to select MY clients, not another stylists?

If you want to select only clients that have seen a certain stylist, click on the 'All Stylists' filter to show your staff and then select the relevant staff member.

I only want to message those that have colour services?

If you want to select only clients that have had a certain service, click on the 'All Services' filter to show a list of services and then select the relevant service you want to target i.e show me all clients that have had a Colouring service

How do i just select clients that i saw in the last 7 days?

You can  select clients that were in salon in the last 7 days, more than 12 weeks ago (lapsed) or any time in the last year. Click on "Last visit" and choose your time frame.

I don't want to send promotions to clients with a future appointment!

Simple! Exclude all clients that have a future appointment! Click on "Next visit" and select 'Not got a future appointment'.

GDPR- how do i stay compliant?

To only show clients that are opted in to receive marketing communication from you under GDPR, you can toggle this filter:

As a reminder, if a client does opt in to receive marketing then this should be recorded in Slick. Click here to find out how. 

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