Once you've got your new Mac switched on and been through the initial Apple setup, there are a few things we highly recommend doing give you the best experience.

1. Turn off autocorrect (to avoid accidentally misspelling a client’s name) and also disable auto-capitalisation to prevent login and password issues

To do this, open System Preferences by clicking on this icon in your taskbar:

Then click on Keyboard:

2. Turn off energy saving mode so your screen doesn't go to sleep while you're working.

Go to System Preferences again:

Then click on Energy Saver

Then follow the instructions below:

3. Ensure your screensaver doesn't come on too quickly. 

Go to System Preferences again, then click Desktop & Screen Saver

4. Connecting to your wireless bluetooth keyboard or mouse

Firstly, make sure the wireless keyboard or mouse is charged or has batteries in. Then go to System Preferences

Select Bluetooth:

Then close System Preferences and you should see the Bluetooth icon in the top right corner of your main screen:

5. Adjust the sensitivity of your mouse to suit your preference

Once your mouse is connected, you can adjust the sensitivity and scroll direction in System Preferences:

Click on Mouse:

6. Download the Google Chrome Browser for the best experience

To see instructions for how to do this, please click here

7. Make Slick a Bookmark or Favourite on Google Chrome for ease of access

To see instructions for how to do this, please click here

Or, to see how to make Slick your homepage on either Chrome or Safari, please click here

To turn off autocorrect on a Chrome browser please click here

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