Best for small salons:

If you are a 1-4 column business then why not try an Apple iPad and keyboard.  

It is low maintenance and very affordable and can be taken home in the evenings should you need to!

Ask us about the availability of iPad deals or buy here

Best for mid sized salons:

If you are a 4-8 column business then you need a screen wide enough to see your columns and enough speed to cope with the demands of your busy salon. 

The Asus Chromebook is a great choice giving you touchscreen and keyboard fucntionality so you can use it like a tablet or a laptop

Is my existing device capable of running Slick?

Slick will operate from most modern devices provided they have sufficient RAM/speed. To check, please run - if the score is < 10,000 unfortunately it is likely that your computer is too slow.   If score is between 15,000 - 20,000  your computer is OK for up to 6 stylists.  If score is > 20,000 your computer is OK for any number of stylists.

Slick is compatible on all iPads running IOS 10 or above. This unfortunately means we do not support 1st-3rd generation iPads. You can tell which generation your device is via the model number which begins with 'A' on the back of your device.


  • We always recommend using Chrome . To download chrome, please follow these instructions.
  • Using an i-pad? Use safari as this is designed for iPad!


A few tips to ensure a speedy connection:

  • Check your WiFi speed. Click here to check your internet speed. An upload speed of 8mps is more than enough to run Slick.
  • If it is less or signal is irregular then speak to your internet provider to see what they can offer you and whether there is an upgrade available.
  • Most mobile phone providers offer a range of 'dongles' that provide mobile internet and can provide an alternative to broadband especially in remote areas.
  • Check the number of other WiFi signals in your area. If there are lots then you might suffer from interference. If you have a laptop or a desktop then connect your computer direct to the internet via an ethernet cable.
  • If it is still slow then check the number of devices using your internet. More devices, the slower it will be so ask the staff to disable their phones WIFI.
  • If you experience a temporary drop in speed and you are on an Apple device then connect your computer or iPad to your phone's 4G via hotspot.

Still not sure? Send us a message and our friendly customer care team will be only too happy to try and help out!

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