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Overview of Staff KPI report
Overview of Staff KPI report

Staff KPI report is your snapshot of how the team are performing.

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Staff Performance

Shows you key KPIs for ALL your staff over a weekly range inc booking value, average bill and how busy they are.

Occupancy: the % of available time that the staff member was booked with clients.
(If you would like a trainee, apprentice or receptionist removed from this occupancy figure then please contact customer support to ask them to action this.)

Total appointments : Total number of appointments per staff member. Bookings with multiple services count as 1 in this figure.
Booking value: Total value of appointments booked.
Average booking value:  Value of appointments booked divided by total appointments to give an average value.

NB Booking value: is based on value of appointment in the calendar. This is different to Revenue which is calculated based on the value at Check Out.


Simple breakdown of your appointments: who received online bookings and who didn't; who suffered from no-shows? It's all here!

Confirmed by SMS : Count of confirmed appointments.

Value of confirmed : Total value of confirmed appointments.

Booked online : Count of appointments booked online.

Value of online : Total value of appointments booked online.

Marked as no-show : this has to be marked using the no show button and will be recorded on the client profile.

Value of no shows : Total value of appointments marked as a no show.

Cancelled appointments : Count of cancelled appointments.

Value of cancelled : Total value of cancelled appointments.

Value of cancelled/no show : Total value of cancelled and no show appointments


Want to see how many clients you have had? Which staff member was most requested? Who was brill at rebooking clients in?

Rebooked appointments: did the client rebook within 24 hours? Boost this using our amazing auto rebooking prompt sms for all clients.
Visit frequency:  What is the average number of weeks between visits for that staff members clients?
Client requests: how many times was that staff member requested by a client

Scroll down to see further analysis of your New versus Existing clients!


If you pay a bonus or monitor the number of services performed then this report shows the number of services per staff member.

  • Check out your counts of services by the category they are in to see your most popular category.

  • Analyse an overview of counts of specific services to see your most popular service!

  • Check out the booking value by service to see the most revenue from your services.

NB  Value: is based on value of appointment in the calendar. This is different to Revenue which is calculated based on the value at Check Out

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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