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Can I use Slick on my mobile?

Does Slick have an app I can download on the app store or play store?

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Slick is a web-based application, accessible from any device.
Find out more in the article here about why we are web-based, how this benefits you and tips and tricks to make it work for your salon!

Slick calendar app

Why is Slick web-based?

  • Unlike legacy systems we are optimised for mobile first so you know you can access from anywhere. This means you can access your accounts - with all reports, appointments and client details from anywhere at any time!

  • It also means we can keep the feature updates and improvements coming (and quickly - with no disruption) with automatic updates each time you log into Slick.

How can I easily access Slick on my mobile?

  • Why not set up our automated updates right to your mobile calendar? Our 'Read only' feature allows you to sync with your mobile phone's calendar β€” this will keep you up-to-date and never missing a booking. To learn more click here.

  • We also suggest, to access Slick quickly and easily through your browser that you SAVE us as a BOOKMARK on Safari or Chrome. You should also save your passwords on your chosen browser. This means, in just two clicks you'll be logged in! πŸ₯°

Customer facing (booking) app

We want to drive traffic to your socials that get your business booming!

Most people have around 20 apps that they actually use... including Facebook and Instagram, so they are unlikely to update or regularly access an app which has the sole purpose of making appointments.

For clients, making bookings through social media apps that they access daily is also quicker and more accessible.

Make sure you have your book now button on Facebook or Instagram - If you don't yet, then check out the help article here to help you.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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