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Viewing SlickPay Payout reports

Learn how to view your payout reports for easy reconcililation

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Every day SlickPay will deposit the net funds from any bills or deposits taken via our payment partner Stripe.

Check out this report from Menu - Daily cashup.

This allows you to reconcile the amount received in your bank account and Slick to ensure all monies are accounted for.

In order to check which client bills / deposits have been received, you can check at a client level by clicking the + button to reveal a breakdown by client.

Payments made through Stripe are made to you as per the schedule below...

If you would like to see a day by day report of payments made to you as per the schedule above then please do so from your Stripe login. You can access this from Online booking, e vouchers and payments - Online Deposits & In-Store Payments

Click 'VIEW DASHBOARD' and login to Stripe to see these payments.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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