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Pincode FAQ's

Your Pincodes questions asked: Can I choose my own Pincode? What if I forget my Pincode? How to disable staff access and more!

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Can I choose my own pincode?

To ensure security, pincodes are randomly generated. If a user was able to choose their own pincode, and they entered one that was the same as another user in that salon, then the "you cannot have the same pincode as someone else" message would inform that staff member of someone elses pincode, thus compromising security.

The staff settings area has changed, what has happened with the existing email logins and permissions levels?

All your existing email logins and permission levels are unchanged. To view what they are or change the permission level, simply add an email to its relevant stylist and the details will pull through. Here you can change the permission level and press save.

All email addresses that have access to your salon will be visible in the email dropdown within the stylist profile, to add a new one simply press "add new email address."

Existing email addresses need to be attached to a stylist/user, this enables us to track the pin user to the email address/stylist. To ensure accuracy and security, you will have to attach the email addresses yourself, this is also a good opportunity to review the permission and access levels of your team.

Does enabling pincodes mean staff can access at home?

If a staff member has email access enabled or access to email login details then they are able to access from home. Enabling pincode access for a staff member does not mean they can access remotely, an email login is required to do this.

What if I forget my pincode?

You can ask someone with manager access to login and press "view pincode" and show you, or anyone else to press "Email pin" to receive your pincode to your email address

You can also press "forgot pin" and provide your email address to receive your pincode

Please note this is function is not live yet, so if everyone has forgotten their pin please contact customer support who can email you your pin

💡Top Tip💡 We recommend sending everyone their pin via the “Email pin” function when you first setup pincodes for each staff member. That way they will have somewhere to find it if they forget it

I work in multiple sites that use Slick - can I have the same pincode for all sites?

Yes, provided the email address is the same across all sites then the pincode generated will be the same.

A staff member has left - how do I remove their access?

By deleting a staff member, their access is automatically disabled.

if you’re not ready to delete their column yet, you can simply click the toggles to disable pin code and disable email login. To ensure the staff member is locked out in a timely manner, we would recommend changing the auto lock timeout to 1 minute, even just temporarily. To make this change please contact customer support who will be happy to help


How do I change the Auto lock time for Pin codes?

The default Auto lock is set to lock your Salon after 15 minutes of inactivity.

The minimum time for pin code Auto lock is 1 minute. If you would like to change this, please contact us on Live Chat and the Support team will help you!

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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