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How to promote your business on Social Media.

Increase bookings via Facebook & Instagram with our top tips and library of images to post to attract new clients!

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Promoting your business on social media is easier than you think...

Turn likes into bookings and followers into regulars with our handy tips below!

'Book Now' buttons

After huge demand from our wonderful salons, you can now link your Slick online booking to a 'Book Now' button on both your Facebook and Instagram pages!! Your clients will love this so if you haven't already set this up please click here

Salon Announcements

New clients visiting your page and some regulars may not be aware you take online bookings so shout about this fantastic feature from the rooftops. Choose from our range of free social media posts to make this announcement. Ideally, you should be posting these at least once a week.

Download your free library of images here !!!

Top Tip: It's worth mentioning in each post that clients can book their next appointment via the 'Book Now button above.'

Get more followers

The easiest way of getting more followers is to send your Instagram/Facebook link to your current clients via text message, you wouldn't believe how many of your clients don't follow your salon page yet. Use the template below and click here to watch a quick video on how to message your clients.

'The Hair Shed would love to invite you to follow us on Instagram where you can find inspiration and book your appointments via the 'Book now' button. Please follow us here'

See our handy 'Instagram Guide' on more top tips for what to post and when to boost your social media following.

Social Media Marketing

A great way to bring in new clients is to use Facebook's marketing tools to create an ad campaign. You can choose your audience e.g. women aged 18-45 in your area and showcase your fabulous work to entice them to book. Here's a step by step guide on Facebook marketing. Just scroll down to 'How to create a Facebook marketing strategy in 6 easy steps'.

Saved Replies

A quick and easy way to promote your business, turn followers into clients and get more bookings is to set up saved replies. Work smarter not harder in responding to all those DM's. See our help article here!

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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