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Online Product Shop - Slick & Collect
Online Product Shop - Slick & Collect

If you'd like to offer a 'Click & Collect' product service to your clients, follow these easy steps

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If you'd like to give your clients access to your products all year around, follow these simple steps to create your own 'Online Shop'

'Click & Collect'

This allows your client to select the time they would like to collect their products from your salon and pay upfront. You will need to setup online booking and a stripe account to do this.

Step 1:

Create your product 'services' in your 'Settings' section of Slick. Each one will need a 15 min slot and the price of the product e.g. £15 (you can also have 1 service set as £0 and then change the price by clicking 'edit' on the bookings at a later stage.)

Step 2:

Go into 'Online Bookings & Payments' and switch these services on per staff member. You can turn all other services OFF if you are doing this during lockdown. Please ensure your opening hours and time off are correct. If you'd like to create an additional 'Product' column, please speak to our customer support team.

Step 3:

After you've setup your Stripe account, click or edit deposits to select 100% Deposit

Step 4:

Let your clients know! Send out a message to All Clients via SMS Marketing e.g.

'The Hair Shed have opened their 'Click & Collect' Shop to help you stay glam! Please click the link to purchase your chosen product and chose a safe 15 min slot to come and collect it from the salon. We cant wait to see you, albeit briefly!'

Also post a link on social media pages.

Step 5:

When client books online, their appointed time for Pick-Up will appear as a booking in your calendar like this. After they've collected their product, click 'CHECKOUT' on the booking.


In checkout click 'ADD RETAIL PRODUCT' and type the product name in. This will insert the product from your Stock and allow your Stock Management to tally.

Click 'REMOVE' to remove the service so that the bill is £0 (because they've already paid 100% upfront via their deposit.)

Then click 'COMPLETE.'

'Click & Deliver'

This allows you to send a Product Order Form to your clients for them to select their desired products and give you their address (as well as their appointed delivery time if you're not posting)

Step 1:

Create a Product Order Form by creating a free Jotform account and search for 'Slick's Click & Collect/Deliver Order Form' or create your own template here.

Step 2:

Setup your Retail Service Products and request payment from the client by clicking here

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