Wifi Speed

If you are finding that Slick and other websites are slow, it may be worth checking your wifi speed. Head to www.fast.com to see your current speed:

Check the table below to see if your broadband is performing at the speed needed to run Slick:

Number of Columns

Minimum Broadband Speed


4 mbps


8 mbps


15 mbps


30 mbps

If your speed is lower than the minimum amount shown, we recommend switching off your router, waiting 20 seconds and switching it back on again. If the problem persists, contact your broadband provider to see if there are network-wide problems.

Hardware performance

As well as good broadband speed, it is important that your device is performing well. To test your device, head to https://chromium.github.io/octane/. Click the ‘Start Octane 2.0’ button and wait for the test to stop running.

You will then be presented with a final score. Check the table below to see if your hardware is performing well:

Number of Columns

Minimum Octane Score









If your score is lower than in the table above, we recommend closing down any unwanted applications/pages. If the speed is still low, switch your device off, wait 20 seconds and then switch it back on again.

If you suspect your low score may be due to the age of your device, get in touch with us to discuss our hardware packages.

Screen recording: To record your screen, click on CMD + Shift + 5. Select the area you want to record and click ‘record. Alternatively, open ‘Quicktime’ then right click on it and select ‘New Screen Recording’. This recording will be saved on your desktop.

Screenshots: To take a screenshot, either click CMD + Shift + 3 to take a picture of your whole screen or CMD + Shift + 4 to select a particular area. This picture will be saved on your desktop.


Copy = CMD + C

Paste = CMD + V

Cut = CMD + X

Undo = CMD + Z

Select All = CMD + A

Updates: You will be notified when there is a new system update. If you are unsure or want to check which version you are on, go to → About this Mac → Software Update

Force Quit: If an application has frozen and you are unable to click on it to shut it down, click CMD + Alt + Esc. Select the application that isn’t responding and choose ‘Force Quit’.

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