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Safari Browser Tips.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from Safari.

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We want you to have the best experience with Slick, so check out these tips to maximise effectiveness on your Safari Browser!

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, we recommend using Safari as your browser.

Updating Safari

Safari will be included in your device updates. To check your version, go to Settings - General - Software Update.

Clearing your Cache

If you are experiencing problems with Slick and/or other websites accessed through your device, it may be worth clearing your cache. This will free up some memory and hopefully allow you to use your browser seamlessly.

If you are using a different website or just want to improve your browser you can go to

Settings - Safari - Clear History and Website Data.

It looks like this! โ†“

Bookmark website for easy access

When you are on the page you want to bookmark, follow these steps.

  • Click on the symbol highlighted in the image below in red.

  • Swipe up and select 'Add Bookmark'. You will then see this page to save Slick as a bookmark on Safari.

  • You can then access your bookmarked pages with one click when you open a new tab. Simple and super fast!

Private Mode

This mode allows you to open a private internet session which means that no history will be captured from this session. If you are having trouble logging into a website or wish to access a website without leaving a trace, open a private page.

  • Click the layered tabs button highlighted below in red.

  • Select private as you see below and this will open the Private browsing area of Safari. You can then open a new tab and browse privately from there.

Zoom on Safari

1 - On your Slick diary, select the icon circled here.

2 - Notice the Zoom setting here.

3 - Select the small 'A' to zoom out. The view will change to more of what you see below!

If there are issues you're encountering while using your Android device, and they haven't been covered in this article, then please reach out via Live Chat and we'll do our best to assist you!

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