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SlickPay online Payment FAQS
SlickPay online Payment FAQS

Everything you need to know about receiving online payment funds into your account.

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Online payments made easy... From deposits to confirm online bookings to no show fees and payments at the check out, SlickPay has got your back.

Stripe is one of the world's leading and most trusted payment providers with clients such as ASOS,, Comic Relief and Deliveroo.

Slick offers the ability to process consumer payments for appointments on behalf of the salon. Payments are processed through the Slick platform via an integration with our payments partner Stripe.

How can I view my Stripe dashboard to see upcoming/past payouts?

To view your Stripe invoices go to the Menu and then Select 'Online Booking & Payments'.

This will take you to your Stripe dashboard where you can login and assess your incoming and past payments here!

How much does it cost ?

When a customer of the salon pays for an appointment via SlickPay online, a transaction processing fee of 2.17% + 27p plus VAT will be deducted from that payment and the remainder will be transferred to the salon by Stripe in a next-day payout.

These fees are solely related to the processing of the payment; ie they are not additional booking fees or commission.

Where does the money go?

Payouts of your online payments will be sent to your associated business account which you assigned to Stripe when you set up your account with them.

Will I be charged for storing card details?

Client card details are held anonymously and processed securely by Stripe, our payment partner. Neither Slick or the salon staff have access to card details for security reasons. It is 100% free to collect card details. Our secure payment processing partner, Stripe, stores the details and we map those details across to the client's profile for them to be charged if necessary. Transaction fees are only processed when you charge the clients card.

How long will it take for the money to reach my account?

Payments are processed next day and will be sent directly to the bank account you listed when setting up your online deposits or no show protection accounts.

Can I have my money sooner?

Yes you can! If you would like money transferred on a more regular basis then this can be arranged through Customer Support. Stripe will charge 10p per additional payout. I.e if you are happy with next day payouts then this is free. If you want a mid-week payment as well then this will be an extra 10p.

Why is my Stripe balance in the minus?

You may sometimes see your Stripe balance in the minus on your Stripe dashboard. This would be because a refund was processed through SlickPay that your Stripe account did not have the funds for at that time.

Eg, if your Stripe balance was £15 and a client cancelled an appointment with a £20 deposit, your Stripe account would move to -£5 to cover the cost of the client refund. This is to ensure cash flow is correctly maintained for the client.

Your account will build back up from the next deposit payment into this account and then all of these deposits will be paid to your linked bank account in one bulk sum.

Are Stripe PCI DDS Compliant?

Absolutely! Stripe are PCI DDS compliant as they are one of the biggest 3rd party payment processors worldwide, which is why we have chosen them as your payments provider

Setup your Stripe account here and process client payments safely and securely through Slick.

If you have further questions that haven't been answered in this article then please reach out to us on Live Chat via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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