If you have a problem with Slick and refresh doesn't solve it, or you want to update to the latest version, you should close down any browser windows with Slick open and then open a new tab to log back in. This will reboot and ensure you're on the latest version. This guide will show you how to do that, on iPad!

Step 1:

Tap the two overlapping squares at the top-right of the page, with Slick open (not this help article).

Step 2:

Click the cross at the top-left of the page, pointed to by the arrow & dot below! If you have other tabs open, you may then have to press the plus sign at the top-right (marked with a cross in the image) to open a new tab. 

If Slick was your only page open, one should open automatically!

Step 3:

Enter the web-address for Slick in the box underlined in red below! That's:

Step 4:

You should log back in automatically, but otherwise, you'll be faced with this screen. Please log in as usual!

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