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Closing and Re-Opening Slick on an iPad
Closing and Re-Opening Slick on an iPad

To ensure you've updated to the latest version close all browser windows and re open.

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If you have a problem with Slick and refresh doesn't solve it, or you want to update to the latest version, you should close down any browser windows with Slick open and then open a new tab to log back in. This will reboot and ensure you're on the latest version. This guide will show you how to do that, on an iPad!

Step 1

  • Tap the two overlapping squares at the top-right of the page, with Slick open (not this help article).

It looks like this! โ†“

Step 2

  • Click the cross at the top-left of the page, pointed to by the arrow & dot below!
    (If you have other tabs open, you may then have to press the plus sign at the top-right (marked with a cross in the image) to open a new tab).

It looks like this! โ†“

If Slick was your only page open, one should open automatically!

Step 3

  • Enter the web-address for Slick in the box underlined in red below! That's:

Step 4

  • You should log back in automatically, but otherwise, you'll be faced with this screen. Please log in as usual!

If there are issues you're encountering while using your device, and they haven't been covered in this article, then please reach out via Live Chat and we'll do our best to assist you!

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