If you have any problems scanning items, try closing and reopening the app:

To restart the app on your phone: double tap on the home screen button on your iPhone to bring up all the apps you have open. Then tap and hold the Slick scanner up and swipe up so it goes all the way off the top of the screen:

If the problem persists, please uninstall the app, and then reinstalling it by going to the Apple App Store again.

To uninstall the app: Tap and hold on the icon on your phone screen for a few seconds. Your app icons should then start wiggling and you'll see little crosses in the corner. Tap the cross on the corner of the Slick app to uninstall:

Then go to the App Store app and search for Slick stock scanner and tap to download it again.

When you reinstall it, you will need to sync it again with your Slick account which you can do by going to Menu, and Stock management and follow instructions below:

Go to the "Get Started" tab:

Open the Slick scanny app open on your iPhone, and hold it up to the screen to scan the QR code and connect it to your Slick account:

Once scanned, you will be logged into your salon's Stock Management App and you should be able to scan items without any issues! If problems still persist, just contact customer support via the live chat bubble in Slick.

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