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How to set up a Facebook campaign

Increase your online bookings by advertising on Facebook

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If you want to promote your services to new customers, Facebook is a great place to start. We want to share a few tips to help you get your first campaign up and running.

When you are on your business page, you will be shown the navigation bar at the top of your profile

From here you want to select 'Ad Center' where you will be shown your salon's dashboard

If you have already boosted a post, this will be shown in the 'recent ads' section

This is also where you can see the + Create Ad button

You will then see various options to choose from depending on what you want to your ad to promote. For this example we will use the 'Promote Your Book Now Button' as this is how you can get more online bookings

The next screen is where you can customise your ad

A few tips to help you get your future client attention in a few seconds of scrolling:

  1. Make sure you have a good header image to entice and engage your target customers

  2. Use short and clear text to explain your offering 

  3. Add a headline to reaffirm what you want your customers to do

Once you have created the ad, now it is time to target your perfect customer...

Click edit to customise your audience age, location and interest - depending on what service you are promoting you can use these variants to make sure you get the most out of your money!

A few more tips:

  1. Make sure you add your location + a sensible number of miles, depending on how far people would normally travel to your salon. This will ensure your ads are only shown to those who would actually be able to come to you. If people usually travel 10-15 miles to get to you, make sure you select +15 miles etc...

  2. Choose your age range depending on your services

  3. The 'Interests' section should be used to help identify people who are interested in the products or services you are promoted. I have added some example interests below

The next section tells you where your ad will be placed... make sure you toggle off automatic placements and only select the channels you want it to appear on (always untick messenger)

Then select your daily budget and the duration you would like your ad to run. It is important to monitor your ads daily to keep a track on spend and to make sure they are reaching the audience you want.
Start with a daily spend of £10-£20 and increase/decrease as you see fit

You can run and ad continuously or select the date you want it to end.

When you are happy with all the above, click 'Promote' and your ad will start to appear online...

Be sure to look at the clicks and bookings daily!

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