To help reduce admin even more, we built a Commission calculator.

  • This is accessed here by going to Menu / Reports / Commissions

  • and then choosing the 'Staff commission calculator'

  • Dates can be selected by clicking on the start date (e.g 1st March) and then end date (e. g 31st March) which will then select the date range as below

  • As commission rates often differ by staff member, you choose your rates one by one using the drop down 'Choose Stylist'

  • For each stylist you can then choose a % commission rate at either Category or Service level

  • If you incentivise staff to sell retail then you can use the 'By Products' section to define a % rate here.

  • This then gives you a total gross commission due

What happens if i need to deduct a % tax or a global discount?

If you need to deduct tax or any general discounts to give you a net revenue value then you can do this by using the 'Global Disount' field at the top of each Stylist page.

  • Enter a % discount you wish to apply and Slick will apply that against the revenue¬†

  • When you then apply a % commission rate ¬†against a category this will then give you a commission on net revenue i.e less the global discount % you entered.

Do i need to do this every time i want to run the wages?

  • No. Any edits you make per stylist are automatically saved for next time.

If i want to change all staff % rates, do i need to do this one by one?

  • At present to change all staff to a common rate, you need to edit each individual member one by one. Given the varying levels and ways of working we decided to give you ultimate flexibility per staff member.

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