To perform a stock take and record the quantity you currently have in stock, you will be using the "Manager" screen, which is located on the main Slick site, in Menu, Stock Management:

The "Quantity" column shows the expected number of each item you have in stock, based on how many you have used, sold, and received from deliveries (added in via "New stock")

You can update this number by clicking/tapping anywhere on the line of the product:

This will pop open the "Product Profile" window on the right. To edit the number you have in stock, simply click in the box next to "Quantity" and enter the correct number. Then hit Save Changes to close:

You can either open the Stock Manager on your phone or iPad/Tablet, taking this round the salon and updating as you do your stock count. 

This will automatically sync with your main device to ensure your stock is now accurate and you have a clear report of what changes were made

You can view the results of the stock check using the 'Last Stock Movement' screen.

This displays all stock lines and shows the type of last movement

  • Sold- all products sold at checkout

  • Used- all products scanned as used

  • Adjusted- all products that have been added/removed

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