I can't connect the app to my Slick account?

To connect your iphone to Slick, you scan the QR code in the 'Get Started' tab

The QR code can take up to 30 seconds to be recognised so if it doesn't vibrate and recognise it straight away, please be patient. What happens if it fails to recognise it?

Solution: restart the app the app, click refresh on your screen and try again. 

To restart the app on your phone: double tap on the home screen button on your iPhone to bring up all the apps you have open. Then tap and hold the Slick scanner up and swipe up so it goes all the way off the top of the screen:

If the problem persists, please uninstall the app, and then reinstalling it by going to the Apple App Store again.

To uninstall the app: Tap and hold on the icon on your phone screen for a few seconds. Your app icons should then start wiggling and you'll see little crosses in the corner. Tap the cross on the corner of the Slick app to uninstall:

"I don't have an iphone or we don't allow phones on the floor"

  • A second hand ipod Touch will do the identical job at around £100

  • Buy one for the salon and leave by the till which will save you £700 versus the comparable bluetooth barcode scanner you would otherwise have to buy

Please see example: https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/search-results/ipod%20touch

"Our WIFI doesn't extend to the stock room so the app won't work"

In order to boost your WIFI signal strength it might be sensible to buy a WIFI booster. This takes your WIFI signal from your router and amplifies extend the range further from the router.

Plug the booster half way between your router and your dead spot where you receive no or limited signal

There are lots of models on the market for £50 mark such as https://www.argos.co.uk/product/6215679

"My product won't scan?"

Some products use an American style barcode which can prove problematic for barcode scanners. Differing lighting can help the scanner pick up the bar code

Solution: move to a different area in the salon with more light and try again!

"It doesn't automatically recognise a L'Oreal product when trying to add new stock"

Occasionally we find there are L'Oreal products out there that aren't in our integrated database, so you will have to enter the details for these one manually. 

Please report the name and barcode number of any L'Oreal products that aren't automatically recognised by the app to customer support via the chat bubble

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