To load products into the Slick Stock Management, you need to first download the Slick stock app. Whether you are setting up for the first time or uploading your latest delivery the process is exactly the same.

Please note that if you already have products loaded into Slick, you will still need to scan in each item to register the SKU code. See the bottom of this article for how we can remove your old products.

With the app connected to your Slick account, tap on on "New Stock"

Scanning L'Oréal products

Thanks to our partnership with L'Oréal, we hold the entire product database in Slick meaning you can scan any product and we will automatically recognise it!

To enter a L'Oréal product, hold the scanning window over the product bar code. The app will vibrate and should recognise the product, showing you its name and SKU number. Tap "Add New Stock":

Then enter the quantity you want to add into Slick and click Done:

Then enter your retail price or choose the option to skip (don't worry you can always edit prices later):

You will see a 'Product added' message and the item will be added to your stock library with the brand, sub-brand and product name automatically filled in. Don't worry, you can always edit these later in Stock Management.

If you are scanning in a delivery of new stock, your balance will be updated.

Note: if the app displays the wrong product name or you see either of the error messages below, please contact Customer Support.

Scanning Non-L'Oréal products

Slick stock app is compatible with any product that has a barcode (click here if your products don't have a barcode and you'd like to generate some). 

However we don't automatically recognise non-L'Oréal products, so you'll need to enter some details. Tap "New stock" and just scan the barcode as above .

The app will vibrate and will display this screen:

The only mandatory fields at this point are the product name and quantity (scroll down to see the quantity field as below):

You can enter Sub-brand and Brand now or later. These are helpful for organising your stock library as you can filter by either. You may wish to use the Brand field to enter product category, such as Retail, Technical, Backwash.

Once you've entered the details, tap "Confirm" (top right) and then enter the quantity you want to add, as above. 

Once added, your products will appear in your Stock Manager which you can access by going to Menu, then Stock Management:

Here you will find your Stock Manager where items will be organised by Brand:

You can always edit the Brand to re-organise your products by category, such as Retail, Backwash, Technical as below:

To edit Brand, product name, quantity or price, just click on any item to open the stock profile.

To learn more about managing your stock library, including editing product name, price and current quantity, click here

To learn how to add a retail product to a client's bill using the scanner app, click here

Removing old products from your stock library

If you have previously loaded products into Slick via manual entry (Settings, Products) or we have imported them, they will appear in your Stock Manager under "Unknown" like below:

Don't worry about this lot, just scan in each item using the app, and make sure you enter something in the "Brand" field - this will categorise them separately, and we can then delete all the products in the "Unknown" category once you're finished - just ask customer support via the chat bubble.

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