Keep your calendar clean and efficient by setting it to hide staff on days they are not in the salon.

To do this, click the dark blue 'person' icon in the top right of your calendar and select "Show only active stylists":

You will see Jess is now hidden, leaving the 5 columns of staff who are working today:

 Three important things to know:

  • Columns are only hidden when a staff member is set to time off all day
  • Columns will not be hidden if there are any bookings in that staff member's column; even if they are set to all day time off
  • As you navigate through different days, Slick will automatically switch for you to reveal columns of staff who are working and hiding columns of those who aren't

To view all columns at any time, just click the dark blue person icon, and select "Show all stylists":

Learn about other calendar features via the links below:

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